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About Sisters Next Door

We are experts on overcoming ourselves...
We will teach you too!

We teach women to master their own mind, body and bank account so they create a life that feels good on purpose.  Because women who feel good, DO good.  It’s time to turn down the chatter in your head  and turn up the power to create a life that feels good on purpose.

Our Story

How did we get here?

It’s always been said Amy was born wearing a dress and high heels, and Molly was born in athletic wear, ready to compete in anything she did in life. Only 20 months apart and raised by very active and high-achieving parents, Amy and Molly have always been close. When Molly finished graduate school in Iowa, it was Amy who made the connection to have Molly and her husband move back to Lincoln. In fact, they moved in with each other and their two newborn babies. Their oldest kids were raised as siblings, being only 13 days apart. The next set of kids came three years later and were five weeks apart. Needless to say, life has been full of extreme joy, raising their children together.

Over the last 30 years, Amy and Molly have been a dynamic duo. They have built seven and eight-figure businesses together- all while traveling the world, leading mission trips, and raising children together. While Molly has always been the athlete- even recently completing a full Iron Man in Wisconsin- Amy has donned heels and dresses and found immense success in real estate, both in sales and investing.

When Molly and her husband decided to move to a house on a beautiful lake in a small town, it was the first time that the sisters had lived more than 2 miles apart In 24 years. As only God can do, a house came up down the street from Molly’s only a year later, and Amy and her husband jumped at the opportunity to be close to each other again. Molly and Amy both believe they were put on this earth to serve, empower, coach, and mentor others to walk in their greatness and live their best life possible. While the sisters have each built businesses and coached individuals to incredible success-many of them, making six and seven figures a piece as well, they feel their calling is even bigger and decided to open up their wisdom and expertise to high-achieving women all over the world.

SND offers group coaching, as well as individual coaching, for women who want to crash through the glass ceiling and level up even more. As certified coaches, Molly and Amy walk the walk and talk the talk. They are multi-million dollar business owners whose time is highly sought after. They believe in serving big and are ready to serve you.

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Our Team

Get to know The Sisters.

Meet Molly Kroeker

I am a mindset and prosperity business Coach and 6-figure entrepreneur building multiple businesses in the health and wellness space. In the past few years, I have built a successful coaching business and continues to share my knowledge and expertise with all of whom I connect with. I started my leadership journey as a sports medicine physical therapist. That journey expanded into entrepreneurship when I began exploring and working in the coaching field in 2005. I quickly realized that working for myself and being a present parent with my kids was truly possible and went for it.

In 2006, I resigned from my physical therapy position to be fully self-employed. Fast forward to 2020, I was helping thousands of people thrive with health and wellness but I wanted bigger conversations and wanted to have a global impact and could see the rise of people globally looking to change their lives. This is my zone of genius – suddenly seeing the growth I have gone through as a way to help so many others. I am best in the world at reinvigorating one’s full potential despite circumstance through the power of thought, leading by example and sharing the true secret to success.

With determination, unwavering faith, and powers of connecting, I have helped people attract more love, money, and success into their lives.

I graduated with my undergraduate degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University and the University of Osteopathic Medicine with a Master’s of Science Degree degree in physical therapy. I currently reside in Ashland, NE with my husband and two adult children, Sam and Sophie.

Meet Amy Mosser

I made the decision to live unapologetically authentic at the age of 19, created my own lane and never looked back. As a serial entrepreneur since the age of 22, I have built and sold several businesses and hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate. I have also mentored and coached thousands of people to rediscover their true potential and greatness and scale six and 7-figure businesses. 

My success is due to my incredible mindset. From a young age, I envisioned myself being an entrepreneur and building and selling businesses. My grit and perseverance along with my incredible relational and listening skills are keys to success. A multimillion dollar producer and coach for the last 20 years- I bring a joyous and fun approach to kicking ass and creating a beautiful life. I have owned a 90,000 square-foot gym, retail golf franchises, numerous real estate investments, and built successful businesses in real estate, coaching and social selling.

Molly and I both reside in Ashland. We can get to each others houses by boat or golf cart and share about our kids.