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The coach duo you never knew you needed.

Elite 12-Week Coaching Program

Embark on a life-changing journey of personal and spiritual development with Molly Amy and the Napoleon Hill Institute.

πŸ“š Dive deep into the timeless principles of “Think and Grow Rich” over 12 weeks to transform your self-perception, habits, and life outcomes.

πŸ’» Gain lifetime access to the comprehensive digital program and workbook, packed with valuable insights and exercises.

🌟 Receive specialized guidance through disruptive phases designed to accelerate your growth and success.

πŸ‘₯ Engage in intimate group coaching calls and “Hot Seat” sessions to overcome challenges and receive personalized support.

πŸ’« Unlock the secrets to abundance, success, and deep fulfillment with our expert guidance and resources.

Working with SND

Who am I to think I can...

Create a global brand that helps free millions of people from the inside out?

Help women feel confident as hell making insane amounts of cash?

Successfully grow/scale multiple luxury brands? (something we have done)

Coach women who make 10x more than me?

We are Persistent, Creative, Fiery, & Compassionate Leaders – the underdogs who turned a $29 in investment into millions. We are UNRULY and we areΒ  the authors of the rest of our stories.

01. Discovery Call

Commence your transformational journey with a customized Discovery Call. Share your goals, challenges, and aspirations with us, setting the stage for a collaborative exploration. This initial conversation lays the foundation for determining whether individual or group coaching aligns best with your needs.

02 Goal Alignment and Coaching Selection

Post Discovery Call, we collaboratively align your goals with the most effective coaching approach. If you prefer one-on-one coaching, tailored sessions await you. Alternatively, for those who thrive in a group setting, become part of our vibrant sister community or engage in collective sessions.

03 Implementation

Embark on a transformative journey utilizing Napoleon Hill's 13 principles. These proven guidelines serve as a compass, aiding you in peeling back layers of limiting beliefs. Sister community engagement, retreats, speaking sessions, and coaching sessions form a holistic environment fostering personal and professional growth.

What We Offer

Sister Community

Join a vibrant and supportive sisterhood where shared experiences amplify growth.


Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Speaking Engagements

Attend empowering sessions designed to inspire and motivate.

Group & 1-ON-1 Coaching

Thrive in a collaborative environment, learning and growing alongside like-minded individuals, or experience personalized guidance as we work together to achieve your individual goals.

Your Coaches

More than 30 years of dynamic duo success.

For the past three decades, Amy and Molly have been an unstoppable force. Building seven and eight-figure businesses, they’ve traveled the world, led mission trips, and navigated the challenges of parenthood together. Molly, the athlete, completed a full Iron Man in Wisconsin, while Amy, in heels and dresses, found immense success in real estate.

The Promise of Proven Tools

Understand that coaching isn’t a promise to make you successful. It’s a commitment to providing proven tools and principles. Success comes from doing the work, and we’re here to equip you for the journey.

Ready to take the next step? Explore our 1-on-1 and Group Coaching options and unlock your true potential with Sisters Next Door.