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Held on Saturday, February 17, 2024 at The Farnam Hotel, Omaha, NE.

Sisters Next Door, along with the Napoleon Hill Institute, hosted an incredible SOLD-OUT event at the Farnam Hotel in Omaha on February 17. The power-packed day included transformative teachings from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich -the famous book that has made more millionaires than any other book in the world. Cliona O’Hara, CEO of The Napoleon Hill Institute, flew in from NYC to join Amy and Molly to provide incredible executive C Suite coaching and high-level training. 

We ended the day with a lovely VIP dinner and a reflective evening where we shared individual insights and takeaways. The day equipped those who attended to take inspired action to receive the desired results and success.

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Event Itenerary

What does a Full-Day Experience Look Like?

9:30 AM: Doors Open

10 AM – 1 PM: Find your success, smash your goals and soar new heights in your career and personal life.

1 – 2 PM: Lunch provided.

2 – 4 PM: Money, mindset, and reframing.

4 – 5 PM:
VIP Q and A Session
VIP Cocktails

6:30 PM – Close:
VIP Dinner Experience

Special Guest

The CEO of Napoleon Hill Institute, Cliona O' Hara!

Cliona O’Hara is an experienced entrepreneur, philanthropist and thought leader in the area of personal development. As CEO of the Napoleon Hill Institute the official coaching division, she is one of the world’s foremost female authorities on personal achievement. She is also a sought-after personal development coach and speaker, with a particular focus and definite goal to share the laws of achievement to the masses. Cliona is the mother of three children and has herself achieved the American dream, having come to the United States as an immigrant woman. After studying Napoleon Hills work and applying the teachings in her life, she was able to go from poverty to wealth, health and happiness.

Cliona is on a mission now to teach, share and educate billions of lives on the principles that transformed her life. She is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. Cliona also serves as a mentor for young entrepreneurs through her involvement with Project Uprise to serve those who have escaped human trafficking and mentored young ladies from her former secondary school St. Cecilias. Her goal is to provide practical advice and guidance that will help people unlock their full potential and success.

Through her work, Cliona is inspiring a new generation of success seekers to learn the success laws of achievement – Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Laws of Success, Outwitting the Devil and much more. For more information visit .

Special Guest

An Exclusive Appearance from Karla Elizondo.

Karla Elizondo is a licensed psychotherapist and mindset coach with over 20 years of personal and spiritual development expertise. She is the director of social media at Talk Therapy Center in Riverside producing content on topics of mental health. Karla loves helping people remove the blocks that are holding them back from living their full potential.

Meet The Sisters

More than 30 years of dynamic duo success.

For the past three decades, Amy and Molly have been an unstoppable force. Building seven and eight-figure businesses, they’ve traveled the world, led mission trips, and navigated the challenges of parenthood together. Molly, the athlete, completed a full Iron Man in Wisconsin, while Amy, in heels and dresses, found immense success in real estate.

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Join us for an inspiring day filled with impactful workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and actionable strategies that will propel you towards a future filled with purpose and fulfillment. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement, or improved well-being, our expert coaches and special guest Karla Elizondo are here to guide you on your journey to living a limitless life.